Addressing - Envelope/Newsletter/Magazine

  • We print directly on the mail piece


CASS Certifying - Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS)

  • A service offered to mailers, service bureaus, and software vendors that improves the accuracy of matching to delivery point codes, ZIP+4 codes, 5-digit ZIP Codes, and carrier route codes on mail pieces. CASS provides a common platform to measure the quality of address matching software and to diagnose and correct software problems. CASS certification is valid for six months.


Address Correction Services

  • We correct (through CASS Certification) your addresses & return them to you. The National Change of address service is available.


Envelope Inserting

  • 10,000 per hour, up to 4 inserts, "smart" inserting (computer controllable)


Custom Laser Printing

  • up to 24,000 pages per hour


Statement Printing

  • up to 24,000 pages per hour


Bulk/Direct Mailings

  • Bulk mail - mail that is rated for postage partly by weight and partly by the number of pieces in the mailing. The term is generally used to refer to Standard Mail.
  • Direct mail - Another name for advertising mail sent to targeted markets. It can be any mail class, but it is usually Standard Mail.


Automated Mail Compliant

  • Mail that can be scanned and processed by automated mail processing equipment such as a barcode sorter.