Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is an indicia?

Answer: An indicia is a permit imprint in place of postage stamp.

Question: How many pieces do I need to mail for a bulk mailing?

Answer: You need 200 identical pieces for a standard mailing and 500 identical pieces for a first class mailing.

Question: What does it cost to do a bulk mailing?

Answer: Each mailing varies – it depends on weight, size, how many pieces. Please fill out a quote form & send to us.

Question: Do you bill me?

Answer: Postage must be paid upfront before the mailing goes to the post office. Payments for services rendered is net 30.We do not accept credit cards.

Question: What file format do you accept?

Answer: IPS will accept all standard IBM formats
Example: Excel, Dbase, ASCII delimited.
We cannot accept MAC formatted files.